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Optometry Wales is made up of a Council of approximately 25 people from:

The Optometry Wales Council meet twice a year (with one of these meetings being an AGM) and the Council oversee the work of the Board of Directors.

 The Board of Directors is comprised of:

  • The Chair of Optometry Wales
  • A Treasurer
  • The three ROC Chairs (who automatically have a place on the Board)
  • There are also three elected positions on the Board - each of these serves for 12 months.

The Council set the work of the Board, and the Board report back formally to the council at each Council meeting.

If you are interested in attending any of the Optometry Wales Council meetings as an Observer or participating in any of the Optometry Wales work streams please contact us.


Dates of 2019 Meetings 

Monday March 11th                                               AGM, Council and Board Meeting 

Monday May 13th                                                  Board Meeting 

Monday July 15th                                                   Board Meeting

Monday September 9th                                          Board and Council Meeting

Sunday and Monday 17th and 18th November      Board and Council Away Day