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Here you can access and download key documents such as:

  • Optometry Wales Position papers

The OW Position Papers are a published set of documents that outline the position of the profession(s) in Wales and assist Welsh Government in helping best represent the views of our members in Wales.

  • Regional Optical Committee documents

All minutes from ROC meetings, blank expenses claim forms, induction packs, constitution and newsletters.

  • Optometry Wales Board and Council documents

All minutes from meetings, blank expenses claim forms, Optometry Wales business plan and the Optometry Wales organisational structure etc.

  • Optometry Wales updates

Copies of Optometry Wales Newsround - our monthly newsletter and any general letters from Optometry Wales

  • Important reference documents

The latest version of Making Accurate Claims Wales, updated manuals (such as LVSW and EHEW), discharge letters, referral guidelines, copies of service level agreements etc.

Please look through the list and click on the links below to access or download each document.